What Do Millennials Want From Housing?

10 Feb

HousingWire – Brena Swanson

This year is the year of millennials. More millennials will be jumping into housing and driving household formation. They are the largest generation in history and the most diverse, but they don’t approach housing the same way as their predecessors. Generation Y is immersed in technology, spending an average of 35 hours per week with digital media, nearly twice as much as non millennials, a report from Cultural Outreach Solutions.

Approximately 94% are active users of online banking, 72% are active users of mobile banking and 92% are active users of social media, Accenture’s report on the “Digital Disruption in Banking.” “The story about millennials not forming households and getting into homebuying is more of a 2012 and early 2013 story,” Realtor.com’s chief economist Jonathan Smoke said in his annual forecast 2015. “It’s outdated. Our view of 2015 is informed by strong trends and indicators of what’s happening today with millennials.

>> Read More: http://www.housingwire.com/articles/32865-what-do-millennials-want-from-housing

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